Evidencing CPD using Tweetchats

Developing an evidential package.

A TweetChat is a virtual online conversation where participants gather to discuss a particular topic, issue or 'hot potato.' These chats typically last one hour and are focussed by questions to inform and stimulate conversations.


In recent months I have engaged with a number of tweetchats both as a participant and a host and find them to be very powerful learning experiences which are now integral to my CPD.


The best way I can find to describe what it is like to be part of a tweetchat, is a 'learning frenzy.'  When tweetchats are well organised and structured they are bite size, frentic, illuminating, engaging collaborative and  inspiring learning experiences.

My very favourite 'go to' tweetchat is hosted and organised by Sue Beckingham and Chrissi Nerantzi  #LTHEchat  - an opportunity to focus conversations on learning and teaching in Higher Education (HE). I was fortunate to be invited as a guest facilitator in February 2015, where the focus was 'Virtual Learning Spaces.'


I also initiated and hosted Tweetchat Thursday during weeks 1-4 of the Enhancing Prostate Cancer Care MOOC (#epccmooc) during October/November 2014.


These experiences have informed my thinking in relation to utilising these activities for evidence of CPD.

Evidencing learning and development, skills and attributes etc. is integral to and synonymous with professional life in a healthcare context.


This may be viewed as a form of personal clinical governance, whereby you are accountable for continuously enhancing your knowledge, competencies, skills and the quality of the service you provide to patients, in order that you can continue to practice safely, effectively and legally within your defined scope of practice.

This evidence  is generally required to satisfy patients, the public, professional and statutory bodies, employers and colleagues that we are safe practitioners and competent to practice.


Any learning/development activity can potentially be utilised to evidence CPD. It is the nature and extent of the evidence supplied which determines its authenticity and validity e.g. going to a Study Day, collecting and presenting a Certificate of Attendance, is on its own, flimsy evidence. Certainly does not illustrate you learned anything, whether any aspects informed or enhanced your practice, if you shared or disseminated to peers etc. Simply that you turned up - a stamp collecting, train spotting approach to CPD.

Using Tweetchats to Evidence CPD

Tweetchats are an excellent informal learning opportunity and can readily be deployed to evidence CPD. Some radiography colleagues may follow #MedRadJClub and not engage in the  conversation. They may even be branded as 'lurkers' , though I see them as strategic learners who are nonetheless watching and listening.


However, they could still evidence their learning and development. They may have undertaken and documented their article critique, but a lack of confidence in expressing their digital voice holds them back. Having viewed the chat, this will have informed and amplified their thinking and they could refine and enhance their critique. In addition, adding a reflection about key learning gained and how this may inform their practice and identify any development needs for their action plan. Closing with bullet points of key messages to takeaway.

How much easier then for the active participant in the same Tweetchat?

In addition to their article critique, the Storify of the conversation provides tangible proof of engagement and the nature of it.

Here again an opportunity to refine and enhance their critique. In addition, adding a reflection about key learning gained and how this may inform their practice and identify any development needs for their action plan.

Added value relating to active participation includes enhancing and developing their personal learning network globally, benefiting from a sharing or resources and ideas from peers across the planet. Active participation also helps to enhance both the digital voice and digital footprint. Key in my experience is that this type of activity helps to crystallise and amplify your thinking, in whatever context you are discussing.

Closing with bullet points of key messages to takeaway.


It's all about the 'evidential package.'

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