NVF Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting Minutes

NVK Kickoff Meeting

Location: SportPark, Loughborough University

Time : 12pm-4.30pm




Becky Milnes [BM] : Meeting Chair


Russ Gardner [RG] (Chair)

Jenny Demont [JD] (Vice-Chair)

Trevor Knight [TK] (Secretary)

Lynda Garland [LG]

Lucy Williams [LW]

Rene Bools [RB]

Sarah O'Connell [SO]

Susan Dewar [SD]

Roy Crampton [RC]

Jane Harris  [JH]



Lesley Heywood [LH]


Committee Introductions


Brainstorming session on volunteering roles in Aquatics

- Areas defined as Clubs / Events / Regions / Officials

-> BM to distribute images of member contributions   


BM presented powerpoint presentation "Volunteering WIthin Aquatics"

- included website demo showing list of roles and responsibilities

-> BM to check definitions against those in SWIM21 to avoid conflicting role definitions


- 3 "swim lanes" or programmes in operation


i). Event Volunteer Programme (EVP)

- RG is on the scheme and gave insight into it

- allows shadowing of event roles at National Competitions

- this years intake is 20 candidates

- programme includes swimming / synchro / water polo / diving / open water

- this years intake application deadline is 20th October


ii). National Volunteer Forum (NVF)

- this forum      


iii). County Volunteer Coordinator Network (CVCN)

- RC is on the scheme and described workings

- Forum consists of 1 volunteer per county

- Responsibility is to pass down information to county clubs

- BM explained not all counties have representation - this is work in progress


Youth Forum

- Alex and Gabi stepped into the meeting to give background on youth forum and how they plan to increase involvement


Pebble Pad Instruction Session

- Marie Cooper presented Pebble Pad - and how to use it as a collaborative tool for the NVF


Your ideas - a session on member ideas / suggestions

- greater emphasis on young person retention - i.e. to keep them in the sport when going to Uni

- focus on inter-club links : to aid swimmers moving regions

- trying to break generation barriers and include older volunteers

- generating a brand for volunteers : a special t-shirt / kit to clearly identify volunteers as games or swim makers. To help bridge age gaps and make volunteering more desirable.  

- volunteer database - across all disciplines to keep people in the sport and help events get officials / volunteers unknown to the event organisers  

- recruitment ideas for getting volunteers into roles

- mentoring package for volunteers



- SD mentioned a need for a volunteer organ-o-gram / flowchart to understand where the NVF fits into the ASA

-> BM to upload club leaders info

-> BM to upload ASA conference info on 19th October in Daventry, to which all NVF members are invited


Moving Forward

-> RG to tie up CVCN role with the NVF

-> BM to provide role definition of CVCN

-> RG to provide overview document for the forum

-> TK to provide Code of Conduct for the NVF

-> RG to make proposal about the goal of NVF. Is the forum for all - or focused on a particular area, i.e. only for young or old.


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